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The starting thoughts for 04/24/12, 04/25/12, 04/26/12, 04/27/12, and 04/28/12. Some things that I’ll get into in a second.



Someday I’ll make a photo set called Weird Shit People Do To Payphones, and this will be somewhere on there.

I don’t get it, really I don’t. Do we have to section off the entire corner?

So I was looking for music to listen to on my browser and remembered that I had a potion brewing in Pottermore. Just caught it in time. I love this, really I do. It brings out all of my glorious competitiveness, which is kind of awful but also pretty awesome because it’s Harry Potter.

Gurf. The song I’ve been listening to all day is from one fandom, but I first heard it in context of another fandom and now I permanently associate it with that one even though I’m in the original fandom too. Well, I guess I’m sort of in the original fandom. Honestly that fandom tends to kind of supremely annoy  me, but whatever.

So I found out that other people like my OTP, too! I’ve also noticed that for some reason my OTP has the highest concentration of not-very-good art for it, and also apparently some bad RPers are making people not like the pairing. That makes me sad, but I guess it doesn’t really matter all that much because it will pretty much always be my OTP. There are reasons but suffice to say that it’s incredibly sweet and I have a lot of emotional attachment to it because it’s also really tragic.

Art blogs are killing me, I am going through the past of so many blogs now, why do I have to do this every time I start following someone I am dying over here. Plus I’m tracking a few tags so I have to look through all of those too and there’s so much everything to do

Also I sort of feel like tumblr is murdering my ability to talk in a normal way, because it’s doing to my speech what anything else does when I get really into it— it’s warping it. Homestuck has done this the most to my speech, because when I get really into Homestuck, not just the fandom, I tend to go back and look at everything that Andrew Hussie has written ever and then think about how much I want to write like him, so that starts to affect me too.

Brain thoughts happened on my wall today! That was pretty snazzy. Also somehow I got some paper creases on my elf vs. human basic structure models and I’m not entirely sure how that actually happened.

So I think I’m going to learn how to make my own henna paste, so I can experiment with my hand and forearm tattoos on my own and they won’t be permanent. I wonder how long this henna is going to stay on my hand. I haven’t been taking as good care of it as I could, because I’m supposed to protect it with oil but I don’t have any.

I need some paste food coloring. Specifically, I need red, yellow, blue, and black, and any other colors are completely optional and frankly unnecessary. Maybe some white so I could make a better pink, but I think I wouldn’t really need that, I’d just need to use less red.

This is for because I found a pretty great recipe for normal white bread and I think it would be pretty fun to do things with it! Plus I’ve always wanted to make bread and also since we never have bread in the house it would be a way to do that over Summer Break. And then when I go to my friend’s house I can bring her fresh bread or make bread there and yes I am liking this scenario the more I think about it. This is definitely a thing that I should do.

I’d prefer to work with paste food colorings because I’ve never done that before, and also because we need to buy some black food coloring anyway so why not get a couple of other colors while I’m at it? And I figure four little containers of food coloring would not really be all that bad price-wise.

I am also thinking that if I end up getting a job that actually pays this summer (I may end up volunteering instead which would be pretty cool too), then I am going to save up all of the money for that like $300 Harry Potter DVD set which would be so amazing and wonderful. That is the only set that I want.

Oh my gosh, my niece is turning one in a few months, that is just a completely insane concept that I am having a little bit of difficulty comprehending, especially because her birthday is a day before mine. I’m really thankful that I’m old enough now that birthdays don’t actually matter at all to me anymore. I reached that point a few years back, actually, I remember on my 16th birthday I didn’t even have a party or get any gifts because it was just such a not-big deal at all. It’s like everyone does all these fancy things and I was just all “yeah, I’m a year older, it’s cool I don’t need anything just keep being my friends and also fabulous”. I think my status on actually having friends that year was pretty sketchy, though, so there’s that, too.

But yeah, I’m old enough that I don’t feel like her birthday is overshadowing mine, which is pretty great! Someday I’ll bake her a cake shaped like the Bastille for her birthday, and she will be so confused. My mum and I will think it’s awesome.

My friend is so lucky, her baby is basically the cutest baby in the entire universe. Like, you know how they have those picture-perfect babies in commercials and things? This baby looks like those babies in commercials. That is not me exaggerating because I’m her aunt, that is some trufax right there.

До свидания!


The starting thought for 04/23/12. What on earth…?


The starting thought for 04/23/12. What on earth…?



I guess here is a picture. I was trying to get a picture of the sun because it’s right there, but my camera wasn’t having any of it. I don’t really care all that much.

I didn’t really do anything today! Though I did finally get my Pottermore to work properly and moved away from all the glitchy bits so I feel pretty okay about that, I guess.

So I found out that we can get Italian sodas on campus which means that I am basically drinking nothing else. Torani syrups are the  best inventions ever and I love them. I do wish that the school had chocolate Torani, though, because I could really go for a chocolate soda. Those are the best. I’ve been sticking with peach sodas but I might get a raspberry one tomorrow because I noticed the raspberry flavor. Or strawberry-cinnamon, because I wonder how that one would taste. It’d certainly be interesting. If I could find some cream to put in it I bet it’d be pretty great! I’ll try that. I love doing things like that.

I’ve always wanted to do the bartending thing, but I’ve still got slightly over three years until I can even start getting ready for that sort of job. I think it would be a pretty cool thing to do, though. Maybe that’s what I’ll do when I’m an old lady, I’ll get a job as a bartender in like a pub or just some teeny place with slow traffic. That might actually be a really cool job to have as an old lady. It’d be a really cool job to have no matter what, I think.

I don’t have anything to talk about again. Other than something that I can’t actually post because of reasons.

I have to talk to my third roommate, at the very least so that I can say that I’ve met her. I’m really hoping that she’s a cool person. Not that I think she won’t be, per se, but more because I’m just not sure how to react to a second roommate. Plus I’d already been making plans with my definite roommate about the next year, so I have to run them all by her now to make sure that none of them bother her or would be things that she wouldn’t want to happen. I’d hate to be a difficult or insensitive roommate, especially when it could be so easily prevented.

I can’t believe there’s only like two weeks left in the semester. I am definitely not prepared for school to be ending already. This is not so much a good thing at all.

I want to have an early 2000s high school teen girl movie marathon, and watch Mean Girls and The Princess Diaries and probably some other movies that I didn’t see. That would be so much fun, and I can’t believe I haven’t thought of that idea sooner. Somebody help me figure out movies that go along with that theme, this is going to be so much fun.

I’ve been thinking about doing a Homestuck cosplay, and I think if I was going to do one I’d do Vriska, not only because she’s my favorite but also because I wouldn’t… have to… get… contacts.

Really, I’d need contacts for anyone, now that I think about it. There aren’t any characters with black humanoid eyes. It might be fun to try a PM or White Queen cosplay, now that I think about it! Though in terms of kids and trolls I’d want to do Mindfang, Vriska, Aradia, the Disciple, or Jade. Jade would probably be the one that already looks the closest to me, but I still don’t think I’d really work in terms of facial structure for any of the characters.  Maybe the Disciple. It may be worth it to try that out, if I ever get around to it, actually. Even though I don’t actually know what I think about Nepeta, much less her briefly-mentioned Ancestor.

Whenever people invite me to things, I tend to immediately think that they’re trolling me. “Oh, you want me to go to this thing that you’re going to with some friends? Somehow I don’t believe that you’re actually going to go to that thing. Somehow I’m pretty sure that I’m going to go and you’re going to get a good laugh over the socially awkward chick.” This is not like a thing that only happens with acquaintances or friends that aren’t best friends, either; there are pretty much only two person that I know and consider a friend that I genuinely believe wants me to hang out with her whenever she asks. With everyone else, even if I know that they actually do enjoy my company, I just can never wrap my head around the idea that they actually want me there. Also, I tend to feel like I have to buy friendship, like if I take my friends on cool trips and go and see cool things and have things that they think are cool, that’s the only way that they’ll want me to continue to be their friend. Again, even if I know that that’s not the truth.

I ran out of things to talk about and this has been bumming me out a bit lately, what.

My bed on campus is stupid. I guess I must just be really shitty at putting on fitted sheets because it is basically always rolling up to where I lie down while I’m asleep and I can’t figure out how when I spend fifteen minutes whenever I fix my bed trying to shove it far underneath the mattress sides where it belongs. And it never holds for more than a day. Like, if this were normal sheets I would understand, but with a fitted sheet it just makes me incredibly frustrated.

We have another prospie tomorrow, who may have to sleep on the floor. I think I’d give up my bed.

До свидания!


The starting thought for 04/22/12. A picture of a thing.


The starting thought for 04/22/12. A picture of a thing.



S8 appar8ntly 8’m fri8nds w8th a 8unch of we8ky l8mes8uce wish8-w8shes wh8 can’t ev8n m8ke pl8ns w8thout sh8tting 8ll ov8r th8ir we8ky l8mes8uce 8eds!!!!!!!!

Ugh!!!!!!!! 8’m j8st s8 m8d r8ght n8w I c8uld thr8w s8me8ne 8ff a cl8ff!!!!!!!! >::::(

Well, my Vriska could use some work, I think. That started out pretty well and then kind of completely fell apart because I ran out of things to say but still needed to sound angry. Whatever the fuck.

Anyway, there’s a picture of my henna tattoo because what was supposed to happen today didn’t and I’m pretty depressed about it. Or, I was, but then we had a movie marathon and watched Chicago and The Fellowship of the Ring so everything was okay.

So you’ll notice that this is like incredibly fucking late. I was back in my room at like 4:47.

Anyway here, the next four paragraphs I wrote like twelve hours ago.

After listening to American Idiot all the way through for the first time in a long while, I can now properly articulate what didn’t work for me about the musical.

Basically, in the CD, I never got the idea that the main character got out of the suburbs. To make a musical around the CD where getting out of the suburbs is the whole point seems like it kind of misses the point.

In terms of tone, American Idiot plays out more like Footloose than Requiem for a Dream. And if they didn’t change a thing about the musical, with the lack of dialogue outside of the songs and the plotline that follows a single character, but used the former template instead of the latter, it would have been much better.

I took the henna goop off of my hand so it’s just the stain now, and I love it so much. I actually really, really want it to be permanent, I would not regret that at all. The only reason I wouldn’t want it and won’t actually go and get it is because it’s on the back of my hand and I’d be hard-pressed to find a real job with such a visible tattoo.

So, okay. We had someone come and give a bit of a show on campus today, and it was completely amazing. The reason it was completely amazing was because the person who came and did the show was the absolutely gorgeous Pandora Boxx.

I don’t know why famous people want to come and speak on my campus! I never really think of us as being an important school or anything, especially because nobody’s ever heard of us. I guess we kind of are, though.

I have nothing to talk about again. Usually I’m waking up in two hours. My sleep schedule is really fucking up.

I guess I can say that I think it’s pretty hilarious that when I got mad earlier I just automatically got mad in the voice that I use in my head for Vriska. Especially when I have this henna tattoo that I got specifically because it reminded me of the Hero of Light symbol. It was just “welp, I’m really mad, let’s use this certain gratuitous adjective speech pattern.” Also the voice that I use for her articulates the beginnings of her words very clearly, so it had that going on as well. Someday I should try and figure out what all the voices that I use for different characters sound like. It’s pretty difficult because my inner voice is completely tone deaf. Like how when you sight-read music and you’re supposed to sing it in your head and not sort of hum it under your breath? I can’t sing it in my head. That is literally not a thing that even pretends to work. Songs play out just fine, but I can’t move notes in my head myself to get them to do certain things. It’s pretty interesting, especially because I’m not all that bad at sight-reading given that I can actually do the intervals just fine. I just can’t hear them in my head.

So we watched The Fellowship of the Ring. I really have to commit myself to watching those, because I only paid vague attention to it at most parts. A large part of that is probably because I’ve never bothered to be a part of that fandom. It’s a lot of work, and quite frankly I’m already in a good chunk of fandoms that require a lot of work to be a part of, or at least a part of that can accurately have conversations about it with other people. I don’t half-ass fandoms— if I’m going to be in one, then I’m goddamn well going to find out everything possible about the entire series. In Lord of the Rings, that would mean I would start studying Elvish and read The Silmarillion like five times. I’d need to get every aspect of the history down, to the extent of dates if they’re available. And I do not feel like putting all that effort into it at all. It would be a huge effort, and already I’m being distracted from Supernatural by Homestuck again.

I have “Icky Thump” stuck in my head. I’m never quite sure what I think about that song. I don’t think I like it all that much, but I’ll usually listen to it when it comes on. I don’t really know.


I really need to get around to rereading Homestuck. All this fic that I’m reading is making me want to get around to some redrom Eridan, which is kind of awful considering that I don’t really like that idea at all. When it comes to Eridan, I am all about the blackrom. But I have a plotbunny and I don’t think she’ll go away. When I reread it, I’m going to be favoriting a whole lot of pesterlog pages for speech references. It’ll be an endeavor, but I really must if I’m to be writing in-character.

До свидания!


The starting thought for 04/21/12. Here, look at my tattoo.


The starting thought for 04/21/12. Here, look at my tattoo.



Welp. I’m typing this in a teeny window underneath Rifftrax’s live riffing of Reefer Madness. I’m not going to be finished by midnight, but eh, it’s worth it. Actually I hadn’t even thought about watching this today, or even thought about what day it was when I decided to watch it. I was just watching the lines about sand in the Star Wars riffs, and then I remembered that I’d been meaning to watch this riff again anyway. Only after I started watching it did I realize what day it was.

Well, I mean, I’d known what day it was before that, but I hadn’t thought to do anything for it. Since I don’t smoke, after all.

Plus, it was another day today! I’ll get to talking about that picture, now.

So that’s a Ferris wheel. You know. And I didn’t, like, go to a fair or anything today. That thing was on campus. Today was Founder’s Day, which basically meant that there was special food today for lunch and dinner, a bunch of carnival games out in the quad, roasted peanuts, cotton candy, and a Ferris wheel. Also, I got a henna tattoo and it’s pretty great.

Well, okay, I really like it, but. I got a sun because it reminded me of the Hero of Light’s symbol and I was like, “Hey, well Vriska is my favorite troll and it’s a really cool symbol!” and so I got it. It’s actually quite pretty. But, I ran into a few friends a bit later while they were in the henna tattoo line, and one of them immediately said “Oh! It’s a bunch of sperm competing for an egg!” and now I can’t unsee it.

I actually got it for reasons tomorrow, and again I will talk about that… yeah, I’ll talk about it tomorrow. Tomorrow’s post won’t be done until maybe around three in the morning or so for this specific reason. Suffice to say right now that I’m pretty stoked about it.

Man, I am typing this and not paying a whole lot of attention to Reefer Madness. I guess that’s the trade-off.

Ugh, I wish that this was a place where I could talk about good chunks of Homestuck things that I love. But that is not actually a thing.

Oh man, I actually saw a really great commercial earlier. It was on Youtube, and 45 seconds long, and the entire thing was done in 5 seconds so it would be done by the skip. It was a pretty clever way to do the commercial! And then the rest of that was the actress sitting awkwardly in the car. I actually laughed out loud; it was pretty funny.

Also I’ve been watching that guy on Youtube who has all those little tiny little Japanese candy kits that are freaking brilliant and amazing to watch and consist of magic and the most calming little scraping and mixing sounds.

Oh man, this henna tattoo goop really makes me nervous. Probably just because I’ve never gotten a henna tattoo before so I’m needlessly vaguely panicky about it. I don’t want it to go away very quickly. Though I suppose there’s nothing I can really do about it even if it does.

Actually I thought of a tattoo that I’d really love to have, but they’re on the backs of my hands so I can’t actually do that. I’d want the Hero of Light symbol on the back of my right hand like this one, and the Hero of Time symbol on the back of my left hand. If nothing else, I’ve just redesigned a character of mine so that she can have those. Also I put her into a slightly different  A/U. I like her and I’m glad I’ve figured out to do with her, because I only had a vague idea before.

I really hate Romeo and Juliet. Just saying.

Oh my god. Oh my god I just realized. I’ve been wanting wing tattoos, right, and I didn’t know where or what specifically to do, and oh my god I should get the Hero of Hope symbol on my upper back where wings go! Oh my god I should totally do that! That would be so perfect. I don’t know if I’d separate the two halves or not. Probably not. And I’d want it to be pretty big as well, actually stretching across the entire length of my back. Actually, with a big of hand measuring, it’s not really all that far across. Oh, I’m so happy I’ve figured that out!

Now that I’ve thought about it, what I’d really like to get would be that symbol there and the other two I’ve mentioned, and then also the Hero of Heart symbol over my heart.

You know, even when I was paying attention to this PSA, I found it a little hard to follow. Now, with me only watching it with half of my attention and using the other half to think about tattoos, I’m quite honestly a bit lost.

This freaking PSA. Not like this is the only silly PSA, but this one, oh man.

I think my favorite PSA is called “One Got Fat”, and it’s about bicycle safety. It’s on Youtube in its entirety if you want to look it up. It’s certainly worth it. Only about ten minutes long, and completely ridiculous. I remember watching it for the first time in the Gaia Cinemas when those were shiny and brand new and everyone was excited about them and hanging around in them. I wish Gaia had kept updating those, because they were a nice area to do our own riffing. I’d love to have them pretty full again.

I’m really looking forward to eighty years from now, when instead of watching Reefer Madness being riffed on, college kids my age will be watching Kony 2012 being riffed. It’ll certainly be interesting. Though it just won’t be the same without Kevin, Mike and Bill.


The starting thought for 04/20/12. A Ferris wheel. Yeah.


The starting thought for 04/20/12. A Ferris wheel. Yeah.